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School Philosophy

We believe that Mount Royal Arts Core School is a place where imagination inspires the love of learning. We believe that the arts are essential to a rich and meaningful education, inviting invention and innovation. Students achieve success and growth when they discover their own talents and interests through music, art, drama and dance.

We believe that the arts serve as a vehicle for teaching and learning. We value the development of community partnerships that enrich our students' artistic and academic experiences. We believe that students benefit from an arts education because it cultivates many forms of understanding, thus fostering respect for individual, cultural and aesthetic diversity.

At Mount Royal Arts Core School, we believe that education is a fine art. We are committed to improving student achievement, and to helping all students realize their full potential. Student growth is enhanced when staff members and parents share responsibility in the development and education of each child. The heart of our schools lies in the joy to play, the passion to create, and the commitment to community.

We are deeply committed to to ensuring that each student can learn and realize their potential within a safe and caring learning environment. The expectations and processes outlined in the attached Student Rights and Responsibilities document are developed and implemented by principals in collaboration with school staff, parents, students and local communities.

By working together to promote positive attitudes and responsible, respectful behaviour in our schools, we believe students will receive the greatest benefit during their educational journey.  Parental involvement in our school plays a vital role in promoting positive student behaviour and achieving the goals set out for your child.

The Student Rights and Responsibilties document can be found here:

Student Rights and Responsibilities