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The staff parking lot should only be used by staff, parents dropping children off at Kidco Community Mount Royal After School or those individuals requiring handicapped access.  

The front of our school becomes very congested in the morning and this worsens once the snow arrives. Please consider using 53rd street as your route to school, and having students walk across the field. This street is a bussing route and is a priority for snow removal.

Please ensure that you are not parked in designated no-parking zones. The east side of 55th street is designated as “no parking”. Parking on both sides of the street causes congestion and decreased visibility and can cause traffic to come to a stand still.

An identified problem has been parking too near or on crosswalks. Please be mindful and ensure you are at least 5 metres from crosswalks when you park.

Crossing the street between parked vehicles is very dangerous. Please model appropriate pedestrian behaviour by crossing at marked crosswalks.