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Registration Information 

Thank you for considering Mount Royal as your school of choice for the 2019-2020 school year!

Our school has experienced much growth over the past 5 years and we are proud that so many families have chosen to join our school community. It is our responsibility to ensure programming for:

  • all of the students who are currently enrolled in our school
  • any student whose sibling is currently attending and plans to return next year, as long as the student’s registration is submitted before the pre-enrolment deadline (April 15, 2019)  
  • any student who resides in our designated attendance area*

Mount Royal has a school enrollment limit of 225 students. We may not have enough space for all of the new students who want to attend. If the number of students who want to attend Mount Royal exceeds the available space, new applicants from outside the school's designated attendance area (but within the City of Edmonton), and who do not have a sibling who is currently attending and plans to return next year, will be chosen by a random selection process.

The random selection process is conducted by district administration to ensure that all students are provided equal opportunity to attend the school or program.  If your child is a new applicant, lives outside of our attendance area, and does not currently have a sibling enrolled at Mount Royal, we will let you know if your child has been accepted to Mount Royal School or not by Friday, April 26, 2019.    

To arrange a tour or receive more information, please contact the school at 780-477-8202.

School supply lists for the 2019-2020 school year are available in June on our school website, mountroyal.epsb.ca, under the “For Parents” tab.

Some important dates to note are:

  • August 26: Mount Royal Office opens
  • September 2: Labour Day – No School
  • September 3: First day of classes
  • September 12:  Welcome Back BBQ – 4:00 – 6:00 pm

If your child is returning to Mount Royal School next year, please check the School News in SchoolZone for information updates.

If your child is new to Mount Royal School next year, please check the Next Year tab in SchoolZone periodically for school news updates or check http://mountroyal.epsb.ca/

More information about pre-enrolment can be found at this link: Pre-enrolment 2019-2020.