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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    We believe that Mount Royal Core School is a place where imagination inspires the love of learning. We believe that the arts are essential to a rich and meaningful education, inviting invention and innovation. Students achieve success and growth when they discover their own talents and interests through music, art, drama and dance.

    We believe that the arts serve as a vehicle for teaching and learning. We value the development of community partnerships that enrich our students' artistic and academic experiences. We believe that students benefit from an arts education because it cultivates many forms of understanding, thus fostering respect for individual, cultural and aesthetic diversity.

    At Mount Royal Arts Core School, we believe that education is a fine art. We are committed to improving student achievement, and to helping all students realize their full potential. Student growth is enhanced when staff members and parents share responsibility in the development and education of each child. The heart of our schools lies in the joy to play, the passion to create, and the commitment to community.

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Principal's Message

Nestled in the Highlands community, Mount Royal provides Arts Core Programming as an alternative program within Edmonton Public Schools; we serve many students beyond the boundaries of our physical community. We are an inclusive school where all students are provided the appropriate supports to be successful.

We are proud of our history of using arts integration as a method of program delivery, as well as our Arts Core Programming designation. At Mount Royal, students explore and develop their artistic, creative, academic, and self-expression skills through art, music, dance, and drama as individual courses, as well as integrated into other subject areas. This approach facilitates the understanding and generalization of art, music, drama and dance as it provides our students with broad and multi-modal experiences. Our Arts Core Program aligns the arts and academics within a framework of inquiry that helps develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our young artists embark on a journey where they can discover their individual skills and talents and also appreciate their peers’.

At Mount Royal we have created and sustained a positive learning environment through implementation of the Tribes Learning Communities framework. We have focused on building caring relationships, positive expectations and beliefs, and opportunities for participation and contribution. We ensure a safe and supportive community through the daily use of the four Agreements:

  1. Mutual Respect – Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Attentive Listening – Listening with our eyes, our ears and our heart.
  3. No Put Downs – Talk to others in a nice way.
  4. Right to Pass/Right to Participate – We have the right to participate and can sometimes choose to pass when called upon.

Students regularly participate in classroom circles that facilitate increased self-awareness, build positive relationships, celebrate successes, and problem solve. The agreements and the community building process of Tribes assure that every student has inclusion, a sense of identity and value, and a community of supportive peers and adults.

Our Parent Advisory Council is incredibly involved and work tirelessly in a many ways--all to support their children in their Arts Core Program as they feel it enhances academic, intellectual and creative skills. During special events such as residencies, our parents and community volunteers support our students with their time and skills to enhance their experience.

Mount Royal strives to support artists in our community and as such we invite them in to share their skills and passion for the arts through workshops and we attend their events in the community. This is a mutually beneficial relationship that gives back to our community and nurtures our learners in an Arts Core Program.

We are excited about the amazing opportunities at Mount Royal School.  We hope you will join us!


Donna Forfylow